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From tender to completion & beyond

The construction industry faces challenges that are not prevalent in other industries:

  • High risks of adversarial litigation
  • Commercially driven and potentially contentious long tail liabilities
  • Increasingly onerous health and safety legislation

We undertake the role of external risk manager and our activity through its intensity and regularity, tackles all aspects of liabilities undertaken from the beginning to the end of a contract. We ensure that risks are minimised and eradicated where possible and that any claims arising are managed from a position of strategic strength rather than retroactively.

In our experience, construction companies have a complexity of risk and threat that demands the type of attention our service delivers. In particular, liabilities accepted by contract need careful management, demanding far more than an off the shelf insurance product, annually negotiated.

We are involved at the pre-tender stage, right through to completion.




A summary of our services are as follows:

Pre empting contractual liabilities:

  • Pre tender checks
  • Contract vetting
  • Warranties and legal advice

It is essential to identify and manage contractual risks at the pre-contract stage, to ensure that the necessary insurance solutions are in place. Deviation from standard forms of contract usually entails the adoption of additional, sometimes onerous and sometimes uninsurable, liabilities.

Mixed in to the process are significant commercial pressures which can blind people to the need to evaluate risk against potential reward. By acting as a sounding board at pre tender stage we identify and manage inherent contractual risks.

We offer a 24 hour turnaround legal service on collateral warranties as part of our proposition. This level of involvement grows mutual knowledge exceptionally quickly, and offers a new perspective to your business and provides balance sheet protection.

Audits and checks

Audits and checks

Audits and checks:

  • Site safety
  • Site security

Site safety and security audits undertaken by our group health & safety consultancy and in house security surveyor provide excellent management information - identifying good and less good practices to allow appropriate action to be taken and adds to the profiles we continually build for selling risk through to insurers.

Establishing and guiding your people on site safety and security encourages a risk management culture - it also provides us with information that helps us build a good risk profile for insurers.

The safety audits also allow us to develop defences against Employer's and Public liability claims - by identifying training, documentation and other safety issues, our audits are the first port of call for our in house liability loss adjusters to start defences.

Additional Construction Risk Services

Additional Construction Risk Services

Additional Construction Risk Services

  • Sub-contractor audits
  • Environmental specialism
  • Latent Defects
  • Performance bonds
  • Training

Our system of sub-contractor checks is a vital tool in managing and reducing risk and ensures that the risks associated with people not completely under your control, but who can nevertheless cause you difficulties, are minimised and managed. It also ensures that liability insurers view those risks as contingent, rather than primary, with commensurate impact on premium.

Our team also has a specialism in environmental matters and can provide insurance solutions for brown field sites and those sites with a legacy issue.

Increasingly we have become involved in providing latent defects insurance as an alternative to collateral warranties, thus providing more credible protection for clients/developers, in particular the increasing number of construction company failures has makes this solution a necessity in some cases.

We are able to organise performance bonds through our credit insurance division. We carry out training for our clients' staff and also run seminars on construction liability risks.

External Risk Manager

External Risk Manager

We believe that we provide one of the most intensive services available from an insurance broker, we have, of course, to put in the resources, which are:

  • Specialist construction insurance team
  • Property/Site security surveyor
  • Health and Safety consultancy
  • Ex-loss adjusters for major/complex losses
  • Legal support for warranty advice
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